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Review of the exhibition - Asian paradise and scenic spot Expo 2021 officially ended

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At present, the upgrading trend of tourism consumption is obvious, tourists pay more attention to travel quality, and the upgrading and development of culture and tourism related products, projects and industrial chains have attracted much attention. Facing the new development environment, opportunities and challenges coexist. How to do a good job in enterprise management and improve competitiveness under the new situation, create new business opportunities and grasp new opportunities have become the concern of enterprises.

展会回顾|2021年亚洲乐园及景点博览会正式落幕 民迪玩具实力+人气的证明!(图1)

Team style

MindI team

The pace of progress has never stopped

The future is even more exciting

Let's revisit the moment of team style

展会回顾|2021年亚洲乐园及景点博览会正式落幕 民迪玩具实力+人气的证明!(图2)

展会回顾|2021年亚洲乐园及景点博览会正式落幕 民迪玩具实力+人气的证明!(图3)

exhibition scene

The hustle and bustle of people shows the customers' recognition of mindI products and services.

It is a group of enthusiastic and hard-working partners who have built a bridge between mindI and users, sincerely face customers, solve customers' needs, and always provide professional services for the exhibition visitors in the spirit of professionalism.

展会回顾|2021年亚洲乐园及景点博览会正式落幕 民迪玩具实力+人气的证明!(图4)

展会回顾|2021年亚洲乐园及景点博览会正式落幕 民迪玩具实力+人气的证明!(图5)

展会回顾|2021年亚洲乐园及景点博览会正式落幕 民迪玩具实力+人气的证明!(图6)

Booth list

he image of "egg twisting house" is selected for display in mindI booth this time to put forward more yuan and scene based placement methods for customers and visitors. At the same time, it takes into account image publicity, toy display and the overall atmosphere, which is also very eye-catching in the exhibition.

展会回顾|2021年亚洲乐园及景点博览会正式落幕 民迪玩具实力+人气的证明!(图7)

展会回顾|2021年亚洲乐园及景点博览会正式落幕 民迪玩具实力+人气的证明!(图8)

展会回顾|2021年亚洲乐园及景点博览会正式落幕 民迪玩具实力+人气的证明!(图9)

Docking, efficient coupling between supply and demand

MindI showed that in addition to the traditional egg twisting machine for money, coins and tokens, there is also an egg twisting machine supporting wechat Alipay code scanning payment. Combined with the needs of the market consumption environment, it is more convenient for management and maintenance. The site has conducted in-depth exchanges with prospective customers to reach an order intention. Thank you for your support to mindI. Your satisfaction is our great driving force!

展会回顾|2021年亚洲乐园及景点博览会正式落幕 民迪玩具实力+人气的证明!(图10)

展会回顾|2021年亚洲乐园及景点博览会正式落幕 民迪玩具实力+人气的证明!(图11)

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