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Cost of egg twisting machine - does the egg twisting machine in the mall make money

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Vending Machine can be seen in large shopping malls, commercial streets, pedestrian streets, catering formats and other places. Many children like egg twisting toys very much, because there are unexpected toys, key chains, models and ornaments in egg twisting!

Wandai Nissan's twisted egg has the significance of collection and commemoration, and is deeply loved by children and young people. Because of the wide crowd of toy covers, passers-by can attract one.

The opportunity to twist the egg won't be an unpopular and profitable business? What is the current market demand?

The essence of the egg twisting machine is to sell toys. In the past, it used to put candy into the eggshell. Later, some toy merchants saw it and put toys. It is famous and familiar with the egg twisting machine of Wandai in Japan. This is that the egg twisting machine has a position in the world. Consumers like this egg twisting machine when they go to Japanese tourist areas. At present, the development in China is still relatively blank, To play between 10-30 yuan once, it is necessary to produce an egg. Compared with similar doll machines, twisting eggs is an unmanned selling mode.

How much does the egg twisting machine cost?

On the profit analysis of the cost of egg twisting machine, many customers pay more attention to the question: can egg twisting machine really make money? I want to make an egg twisting machine. How much does it cost to put it in the early stage? Here, we'll show you the data from our proprietary data department. This is an average daily business. Of course, it's better on Sundays or legal holidays. Let's use the data to understand this industry that has improved year by year.

1. Investment in the early stage of putting into operation cost of egg twisting machine

Note: the price of the machine here is based on the price of our self selling twisted eggs! Take 10 sets of 2-storey 10 warehouses as an example

(1) The cost of the egg twisting machine is

Cost of egg twisting machine: 10 sets, 2 floors: 5 sets, one group = 8000 / 10 sets = 16000 yuan

Cost of twisted eggs: 10 sets, 20 warehouses on the second floor, 50 twisted eggs in each warehouse, 20 warehouses = 1000 twisted eggs = 6190 yuan

The total cost of egg twisting machine and egg feeding is 16000 yuan + 6190 yuan = 22190 yuan

(2) Venue rent of shopping malls: due to different shopping malls' location, flow of people and rental methods, general large-scale comprehensive shopping malls are mainly taken here. Calculation of 2000 yuan / month: 2000 yuan / 10 sets for one month, and 10 sets are 32 meters wide. The rent for half a year / 2000 * 6 = 12000 yuan. The deposit is still needed in some places. The deposit is 3000 yuan (we can talk about saving this). The total is 15000 yuan.

The electricity charge is: the power of every five egg twisting machines is 20W, the power consumption is 12 hours, and the operation is 12 hours a day. The five machines have about 10 degrees of electricity in January, and the commercial electricity consumption is about 1 yuan once. 10 machines are 20 yuan. Yes, the electricity charge is 20 yuan. Some are recharge cards, and the recharge of 200 yuan is OK. It works for one year.

The investment cost of egg twisting machine is 16000 (machine) + 6190 (egg) + 15000 (half a year monthly rent and deposit) + 200 (electricity prepayment) = 37390. Calculate the freight. The budget is 38000 yuan if it is loose, which is the cost of investing in egg twisting machine.

Twisted eggs are the wholesale price. You can ask the customer service for one of our eggs to know the approximate profit margin. If there is a very stable source of eggs, you can also purchase them separately. We do this with an open attitude. We can pick up the goods according to the local flow of people, such as young people or children. Children's eggs, such as boys, should also be matched with girls, We can match the twisted eggs for you according to the consumption level and age of the people in this place. With this experience, we will know what kind of toys to buy eggs next time. Many novices take the goods according to their own wishes, which is not good. What you like may not be liked by others!

The scarcity of egg twisters makes people unable to help collecting. For example, there are 12 egg twisters in the beech Fairy Tale series. Many people who like to collect like to have a neat reunion together. When they try the same several times, the price will be higher. Until the next egg twister, such a common heart: the more they spend on something, the more they value it, Make people have the same collection and commemoration.

There are no routines in the egg machine. What the machine sells is your stuff. The failure rate is because we are also using it at the site. So the quality is still steady and the background is a cash advance. The cost of deducting the business is 6/1000. This is the rate deducted by WeChat or Alipay, and the second is the machine's couplet card. The machine needs the network to update the data information in real time. This is the built-in card of IOT card. It is 30 yuan a year. The first year is free, and the next year is 30 yuan a year. There is no other cost.

Once the site is operated, people in the local consumer market can know which kind of toys they like, and they can continue to expand in the surrounding good places. Because the egg twisting machine in the shopping malls does not attract foreign investment and protect businesses, most shopping malls do not attract foreign investment when they have egg twisting machine projects. Who occupies the place, The sustainable development in the next few years is your thing.


I would like to say: there are more than 10 manufacturers of egg twisting machines, large and small, in Panyu. Some doll machines can't be transformed. They are machines like doll machines. Some are metal cases. Code scanning and coin injection are together. At present, the domestic environment is still dominated by code scanning payment, but coin injection is not so convenient. If there are contacts, It's good to be a sideline when you have time. It's the pleasure of instant change. It will continue to make profits when there are more places to lay.Vending MachineVending Machine

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