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QBrain hole: can vending machines still sell these?


In modern society, people are becoming anxious, and every demand is seeking to be met quickly, so it is expected that vending machines are becoming more and more popular. In the 1st century AD, the device for automatically selling holy water made by Greek Hilo is considered to be the earliest vending machine in the world. In today's Japan, every 23 people have a vending machine, ranking first in the world. From the initial coin mode to accepting bank card payment, code scanning payment and mobile payment, the operation mode of vending machines has become diverse, and the things sold are even more diverse, covering almost every need in life. Among them, there are representative flower vending machines, angel oranges for fresh orange juice, coffee orders for coffee and egg twisting machines.

QWhat are the advantages of mobile payment vending machines?


Today, with the rising labor cost, the demand for cost reduction and efficiency increase in the physical retail industry with meager profits is becoming stronger and stronger. Mobile payment technology saves the steps of checking and change, greatly improves the cashier efficiency, and can reduce the labor cost for merchants, and even realize unmanned cashier.

Since there is no need to contact and save cash, mobile payment is more hygienic and reduces the spread of diseases; Avoid accidental property losses such as receiving fake money, changing the wrong money and stealing; At the same time, it is easy to reconcile and calculate the capital flow of each. Various signs show that before unmanned retail convenience stores spread all over the streets, mobile payment technology will first take us into a new business world without cash.

MindI sweep code egg machine, self-service payment, through the binding of two-dimensional code embedded automatic recognition and scan code payment function, its payment system with WeChat and Alipay interface docking. Each position has a corresponding QR code. You can enjoy the fun of egg twisting machine as long as you "scan the code for payment". The code scanning payment method is not only convenient to operate, but also can reduce people's contact.

After eating up the demographic and traffic dividends, mobile payment slowly extended its tentacles to the offline; At the same time, physical retail stores also began to actively embrace the Internet and artificial intelligence technology. The boundary line between online and offline is becoming increasingly blurred, bringing more convenience and new lifestyles. It is a general trend to continuously reduce labor costs. It is the current sales direction to ensure efficient settlement while reducing labor costs.

Mobile payment technology has brought many subtle effects to our business activities, and this trend will continue to expand in the future.

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